ACTING LIONS Now available as an E-Book

On April 1st in celebration of the Anniversary of the release of ACTING LIONS  we released the E-book version.  This is coupled

with the reprinting of the sold out version of the print version of the book.  We know you

will want both.  This is a the book you want to keep with you,to dog ear and mark up your favorite pages.

Dear Mrs. Templeton,  We have never met,  therefore never worked together — however — after “mauling “through your book — I now feel like a new “baby cub”  I should say! (You should see my book with coffee stains, underlines, highlighter and um,  pasta sauce & mayo)!   Incredible material , hands down.

“ As an Actor , it doesn’t matter if your a Meisner guy/gal, Strasbergian, an Adlerite, a Hagenist — read this book!  It’s like sitting down to a good meal (with wine and dessert). Refreshing hands down!  Things move rather quickly on set and on stage these days. Nice to know Penny “gets” it . She dives right in , no fluff.  It doesn’t matter if you only use one or more golden nuggets she gives you. Point is , what are you doing to up the ante’?  Actors are well read and NEVER stop learning.  Nobody’s getting my copy!! …  Okay maybe if they roar a lil.
Thank you Penny!  Respectfully, Always in the Art, Shawn Michael

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